Leopoldo Chariarse

Margot Seidel (Late)

The GGF e. V. (Gesellschaft für eisteswissenschaftliche Fortbildung) was founded in 1984 under the management of Leopoldo Chariarse as yoga teacher and Margot Seidel as manager. For more than 20 years GGF is one of the oldest and most successfully working schools in the field of yoga teacher training in Germany, following the guidelines of the EYU (European Yoga Union) and committed to very high quality standards. Excellent contacts to well known people and organizations in the international yoga world, has made GGF a true meeting-point of high quality and international experience in yoga teaching. A large number of renowned ideologists, as well as yoga teachers , have contributed to the success of GGF.

GGF has developed into a true network of schools. There are 3 independent schools connected to GGF, which were founded with GGF support in Dresden, Euskirchen and Freiburg. Dresden and Freiburg are doing the yoga teacher training under the same conditions with teachers of GGF.

At the moment GGF has 23 open yoga classes per week with 12 teachers continuously teaching at the school. Approximately 700 yoga teachers were trained during the period mentioned before and this institute is training another 100 teachers at the moment (in 6 classes). Dr. M. L. Gharote had been working with this organisation as an advisor for a number of years.

Address :-
GGF Gesellschaft für Geisteswissenschaftliche Fortbildung e.V.
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Email : info@ggfyoga.de