An abridged report of The 5th International Conference on ‘Yogic Therapy – A Traditional Approach”
Held on 17th January, 2010, at Lonavla in Fond Memory of Dr. M. L. Gharote , Organized by The Lonavla Yoga Institute (India)
An International Conference on “Yogic Therapy – A traditional Approach” was organized on 17th Jan. 2010 at Biji’s Hill Retreat, Lonavla. This one day yearly event was held to solemnize loving memory of Dr. M.L. Gharote who is the founder of The Lonavla Yoga Institute (India), Lonavla.

The occasion was presided over by Dr. S.D. Gokhale, who is the President of International Longevity Centre – India, Pune. Shri. S.A.R.P.V.
Charutvedi Swami-ji who leads the Sree Ramanuja Mission Trust, Chennai, ordained the chair of chief Guest and keynote Speaker. Shri. Ramchandra J. Tawde, Secretary of The Lonavla Yoga Institute (India), was also present for this occasion.

To begin the auspicious occasion a light was enkindled by the honored guests on the dais as well as invited guests of the dais like, Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad, Founder & Chairman, Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune and Dr. Satyapal Singh, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Pune, as which dispels darkness and also brings light.

Shri Ramachandra J. Tawade, Secretary, The Lonavla Yoga Institute (India), welcome the guests on the dais by offering them bouquet.

Dr. Manmath M. Gharote, Organizing Secretary and The Director of The Lonavla Yoga Institute (India), welcomed all the guests and participants through a short speech. In his speech he stressed out the importance of Traditional knowledge of Yoga and it’s utility in modern times. Special guests Dr. Vishwanath Karad, Dr. Satyapal Singh, Swami Asangananda Saraswati-ji, Dr. B.T.C. Murthy, Yogiraj M. Lal, Dr. M.N. Palsane, Shri Shrikrishna Vyavahare, Dr. Samprasad Vinod, Dr. Nayana Nimkar, Dr. G.V.Pargaonkar, Dr. Bhagyalata Pataskar etc. were respectfully honored with a memento and bouquet of flower.

Dr. Armin Gottmann, Germany, was then invited to give voice to his memories as a student and associate of Dr. M. L. Gharote. He focused on the humility of Dr. M.L.Gharote, his feeling towards Swami Kuvalayananda-ji and relationship that Dr. Gharote had developed with his students in Germany. At the same time Dr. Armin shared some of his personal memories which he remembered about Dr. M.L.Gharote.

He concluded by quoting him as saying, “let us have a glimpse at the man behind the gifted scholar, writer and inspiring Yoga teacher. As I came to know him due to our friendship over many years, I know that he was a Karma Yogin, a Sadhaka and a real Guru, having realized much more than he taught ordinarily. In his lessons you could feel something over and above the words he was using.”

Several messages from well-wishers were received from all over the world for this occasion. The message from Dr. BKS Iyengar was read in this occasion. In his message he explained very beautifully what is the aim of Yoga as far as therapeutic aspects are concerned.

It was then the time of the Guest Speaker to deliver his speech. Swami Chaturvedi-ji through his extraordinary oratory narrated the importance of Yoga for all round development of human being. His high paced speech last for one hour and 45 minutes. It left the gathering of 500 participants spell-bound. Revered Swami-ji also cast the spell of Divine blessings which were consumed by the august audience of their heart content. All felt satiated. Swamiji’s content though sprang from the ancient culture was yet relevant to the present day time since he narrated perennial values of healthy living. As a token of humble respect Swamiji received exuberance of standing ovation from all audiences. It was indeed an extra-ordinary experience.

Thereafter, Dr. S.D. Gokhale, the President of the International Conference, presented his speech on aging. He emphasized on importance of Yoga as a time-tested science for weakening the process of aging. Prior to his speech he offered the letters of Rev. Swami Kuvalayananda-ji to Dr. Manmath M. Gharote. Dr. S.D. Gokhale, and Swami Chaturvedi-ji were respectfully honored with a memento and bouquet of flower.

Several Publications like ‘Therapeutic References in Traditional Yoga Texs’, Kumbhaka Paddhati – Science of Pranayama, Siddhasiddhanta Paddhati of Gorakshanath, and Pranayama (in Marathi language) were released on this occasion.

Considering the need of the hour, every one appreciated the book ‘Therapeutic References in Traditional Yoga Texs’, as this book will serve the purpose to throw the light on the traditional references about therapeutic aspects of Yoga.

Tradition of Yoga has explored all possibilities to live a healthy long life. Be it power of mind, balancing of emotions, internal & external cleansing of body, stretching of the muscles, manipulation of breath, repetition of mantra, invocation of divinity, herbs, diet regimen, alchemy, positive visualization, attitudinal training, living close to nature, etc, tradition of yoga has left no untouched within human intelligence or imagination to achieve its goal of total wellbeing.

In Yoga, maintenance of Health in every sense of it, has been a cherished priority. This fact is more than evident in the present monographic work “Therapeutic References in Traditional Yoga Texs”, carefully collected from yoga texts. The collected material is classified according to various groups of practices. It stands testimony to the fact that yoga is a well – integrated therapeutic systems. Yoga has therapeutic methods for human body; it has remedial measures for mental disorders; and it also has austere ascetic practices leading to spiritual freedom. All participants hoped that the present textual material will open new vistas in human health-care & longevity.

Dr. Alicia Souto from Argentina, Dr. Armin Gottmann from Germany, Prof. Hiroshi Aikata from Japan, Katharina Meinhard and Roland Kuhne from Germany, Lucilla Monti from Italy, were also respectfully honored with a memento and bouquet of flower at the end of pre-lunch session.

Post-lunch session began with the panelist speaker Dr. Venkat Reddy of Hyderabad. His scholarly presentation was based on Yoga literature which views health and therapy from diverse angles and also applies various methods to achieve healthy state.

The second panelist Dr. Bhushan Patwardhan, Head of the Department of Health Sciences, Pune University, successfully co-related ancient wisdom of Yoga with Ayurveda & with modern science of medicine.

The last speaker form the panel Dr. Ulka Natu from Ghantali Mitra mandal, Thane, Mumbai, presented her talk on therapy in a very lucid manner. Her views were based on practical lines and also were based on her application of the same on day today life on patients. This was truly inspiring for those who are yet to be convinced that yoga practices, if rightly undertaken, are of great therapeutic help.

Dr. Samprasad Vinod, Director, Maharshi Vinod Research Foundation, Pune, who presided over the plenary session, summed up the contents of the speeches of all the speakers. In his speech he congratulated Dr. Manmath for his continues organization of the International Conference every year. He specially mentioned that this is a grand success and a great gathering of more than 500 participants from all over the world, only because of the support from well wishers of The Lonavla Yoga Institute.

Dr. Venkat Reddy, Dr. Samprasad Vinod, Dr. Bhushan Patwardhan, and Dr. Ulka Natu were respectfully honored with a memento and bouquet of flower.

The conclusion of the Conference was spirited with a promise to meet again on such highly educative and informative Congress of scholars and experts of international repute.

The Conference came to an end with the prayer ‘Pasayadan’ of one of the greatest saints of Maharashtra, Shri Jnaneshwara.