A Report of The 2nd International Conference on the “Yoga – Past, Present and Future”

Held on 17th of January, 2007, at Lonavla in Fond Memory of Dr. M. L. Gharote

Organized by The Lonavla Yoga Institute (India)

The 2nd International Conference on “Yoga – Past, Present and Future” was organized with full exuberance and high spirit at the Whispering Woods Resort, Lonavla, Dist – Pune, India. This yearly occasion marks the loving memory of Dr. M. L. Gharote who was a stalwart in the field of modern Yoga and who revived and re-established this age-old tradition with its pristine glory while keeping its subtleties and nuances intact.

This Conference was attended by a number of internationally reputed scholars, experts, teachers and students of Yoga from both India as well as aboard.

The Conference was organized for one day. There was Inaugural Session held at 09.30 AM as scheduled. Dr. Manmath Manohar Gharote, The Director of The Lonavla Yoga Institute (India ) and The Organising Secretary of the 2nd International Conference on “Yoga – Past, Present and Future” highlighted in his welcome address about the aims and objectives of the Institution and the nature of its activities. He also explained in details the motive behind the organization of the conference as well as the efforts made by the Institute in last year.

Followed by this a highly inspiring and educative lecture given by Padmabhushan, Yogacharya Dr. B. K. S. Iyengar, who was the President of the event. He explained the practical as well as relevant philosophical issues on Patanjala Yoga Sutras.

With his splendid mastery on the subject and matchless acumen as an orator, he threw light on various complex issues of the Yoga Sutras and guided the audience how to implement various suggestions and lessons of Patanjali in day to day life.

Bhupendra Chaudhari, Mayor of Lonavla, was the Chief Guest of the Conference. He spoke how practice of Yoga would offer excellent benefits to all the members of the society.

He personally had been highly benefited through the regular practice of Yoga in keeping good health and mental composure. His simple and practical suggestions inspired the audience.

Blessings from His Holiness Shri Bhau Maharaj

The august audience was showered with auspicious divine Blessings by Bhau Maharaj (Gurudas Dinkar Mahadev Devlekar-ji, Thane). Shri Bhau Maharaj also honoured the occasion with his mere presence and made it a great success. He is the realized embodiment of universal brotherhood and love incarnation of the present times. He is an enlightened embodiment of the spiritual teachings of Sadguru Shri Samartha Satam Maharaj who again is the incarnation of Lord Shri Dattaguru.

The occasion was also highly blessed by respected Swami Shri Asangananda-ji of Gujarat. Shri Swami-ji hails from the list of illustrious pupils of Swami Satyananda-ji, Mungher, Bihar. He is an apostle of the traditional Yoga as received first-hand from his Guru and is selflessly devouted spreading the true message of this science to the masses by directly approaching them.

On this occasion there were a number of prestigious publications from The Lonavla Yoga Institute (India) released by the hands of dignitaries, which are as follows:

i) Hatha-tatva-kaumudi by Sunderdeva ( Critical Edition)

ii) Hathapradipika (10 chapters) Second Edition, ( Critical Edition)

iii) Yogic Techniques (Second Edition).

The Inaugural session was followed up by a selected series of lectures delivered by long-standing experts in the field, who spoke on various topics of Yoga.

The list includes Dr. H. R. Nagendra, Dr. M. V. Bhole, Dr. Nisal, Dr. Samprasad Vinod and Dr. Parimal Devnath.

In this Paper Reading Session Dr. H. R. Nagendra, the Vice-Chancellor of the Vivekananda Kendra, Prashanti Kutiram, Bangalore, produced a host of scientific evidence to prove the efficacy of various Yogic practices in resolving many modern day disorders most of which are psycho-somatic. The presentation was highly informative and inspiring.

Delivering his talk during the Paper Reading Session Dr. M. V. Bhole dealt on the importance of reading between the lines while consulting the original texts on Hathayoga which are written in the ancient language of Sanskrit. Dr. Bhole also enlightened the researchers by guiding them how to interpret the technical terms in the modern languages.

Dr. Samprasad Vinod highly appreciated the literary research work having been diligently carried out by the The Lonavla Yoga Institute (India) which he strongly feel will show the light to the people. He also said that it is only traditional knowledge of Yoga that possesses substance and significant value and that is the reason why this knowledge will sustain onslaught of time.

Dr. Parimal Devnath, Research Scholar of The Lonavla Yoga Institute (India) delivered his paper about the need and importance of traditional research by citing examples how such work brings about necessary changes in the learning and teaching process without compromising the traditional values. Such kind of work also equips the Yoga masters with various options to suite all strata of people.

The Conference was attended by more than 300 delegates from India and other countries. There were Inaugural Session, Paper Reading Sessions, Discussions, and the customary Closing Session / Valedictory Function.

Follow are the List of Dignitaries who graced this auspicious occasion

1. Dr. H. R. Nagendra, Vice Chancellor, VYASA, Bangalore, India

2. Dr. M. V. Bhole, Ex. Joint Director for Scientific Research at Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla, India

3. Dr. Samprasad Vinod, Director, Vinod Research Foundation, Pune, India

4. Dr. R. V. Nisal, Director, Nisargopachar Gram Sudhar Trust, Uralikanchan, Pune.

5. Dr. G. V. Pargaonkar, Principal, B.P.C.A’S College of Physical Education, Mumbai.

6. Swami Satyakarmananda, Ghantali Mitra Mandal, Thane, India.

7. Dr. M. N. Palsane, Ex. Head of the Psychology Dept. Pune University, Pune.

8. Prof. Dr. Alicia Souto, Director, Centro de Eutonia y Yogaterapia, Argentina.

9. Prof. Lucila Monti, Yoganubhava (Institute for Yoga Education) Italy.

10. Prof. Hiroshi Aikata, Coordinator, Thai Yoga Association, Japan.

11. Mrs. Hideko Aikata. Japan.

12. Mrs. Kim, Aoma Yoga School of Yoga, South Korea

13. Mrs. Sandhya Jinturkar, Special officer, Balbharati, Pune.

14. Shri. Subodh Tiwari, Secretary, Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla.

15. Dr. M. M. Gore, Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla.

16. Dr. S. K. Ganguly, Ex-Principal, G. S. College of Yoga, Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla.

17. Advocate Shri C. D. Iyer, Pune.

18. Shri. Vasant Pawar, Head of the Yoga Dept., Indrayani College,Talegaon, Pune.

19. Shri. Uday Pendse, Pune.

20. Mrs. Deepti Roy Choudhury, Pune.

Messages received from all over the world from the following dignitaries-

1. Col. J. D. Sawant, India

2. Margot Saidel, Director, GGF Yoga schule, Germany.

3. Daya Mullins, Director, Weg Der Mitte, Germany.

4. Mr. Kawee Kongpakdeepong, Director, Thai Yoga Association, Thailand.

5. Mario Verri, Director, Centro Purna Yoga, Italy.

6. Dr. B. T. C. Murthy, Director, CCRYN, India.

7. Dr. I. V. Basavaraddy, Director, MDNIY, India,

8. Imma Schneider, Germany.

A Vote of Thanks was given to the scholars, experts, associates, donors, advertiser, participants, hosting Hotel and the staff, press and TV reporters and printers by Dr. S. B. Sakhalkar on behalf of The Lonavla Yoga Institute (India) for their direct and indirect co-operation in making the Conference a grand success. Special Thanks were given to Ms. Annie, Saint Joseph Primary School, Lonavla, for her excellent anchorage of the programme.

The conclusion of the Conference was spirited with a promise to meet again on such highly educative and informative Congress of scholars and experts of international repute.