Mr. Hiroshi Aikata

Mrs. Hideko Aikata

Mr.Kawee Kongpakdeepong

Thai Yoga Institute (TYI) is a group of people who are interested in – practice yoga, and realize the value of this ancient knowledge. These people, both staffs and volunteers, have gathered to disseminate yoga for the benefit of others.

The co-ordinator of this Institution is Prof. Kawee Kongpakdeepong. The Institute started since 1998 as Yoga for Well – Being Project and expanded to Thai Yoga Institute in 2004.

TYI’s mission based on two thoughts:
Well being should be regarded on the holistic perspective and
Well being can be accomplished with the self-reliance approach. TYI has a dream of all Thais people are being well, not only both physically and mindfully, but also both morally and spiritually

1. Target Groups-
Healthcare personnel, education institutes, spiritual practitioners, and yoga instructors

2. Activities-
– Academic
Organizing National Yoga Conference.
Developing Yoga as an academic subject in university level, e.g. as a minor subject in Philosophy and Religions Department, Faculty of Humanity, Srinakarin Wirote University .
Coordinating Yoga Research Forum.

– Teacher Training Program-
Months Course
Monthly Seminar on Yoga: to increase the knowledge for yoga teachers

– Special Project
Yoga in School (high school level)

3. Dissemination
Basic yoga courses for general people in Bangkok and all over the country Publication books, text, posters, and VCDs

87 Rim klong Prapa Road, Bangsue,
Bangkok 10800, THAILAND

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