The brilliance of the sun illuminates the world, removes darkness, and empowers vision. The light and warmth of the sun make life on the earth possible.

The blessing of the Sadguru and incarnations, illuminates the soul, destroys ignorance and empowers the spirit. Sadguru makes self-realization possible liberating the disciple from the bondage of life.

Somewhere along the journey of life, man realizes certain universal truths, which help establish his faith in GOD. As we traverse the undulating path of life, our experiences often compel us to introspect and reflect. Not always does the law of 'Cause and Effect' play a role in the experience of life. Many a times, human logic and scientific phenomena are unable to interpret and explain the ways of the almighty. The 'physical brain' is often confused and puzzled.

There is only one answer to the numerous questions that such experiences raise-faith-pure, simple, unquestioning faith. Absolute faith in the Sadguru receives boundless blessings, which lead to enlightenment.

The Sadguru, who is the incarnation of the creator, adorns the human form to disseminate the truth about GOD, the soul and salvation. It is, perhaps, easier for the common man to relate to and accept the known rather than the unknown. Hence the Sadguru lives among and like the common man and yet is bestowed with powers beyond the common man.

In ancient times, saints and sadhus used to undergo intense penance (Tapas) in far away forests of practically no habitation. They built their ashrams there only and their disciples used to stay with them for self-realization.

However, in recent times, it is noted that there is a shift in the outlook, in the sense that they became more social. The compelling reason for this shift was the degradation of moral and ethical values in the society in general which made them more and more compassionate towards the suffering of the people. They therefore decided that instead of staying in the forests and experiencing bliss themselves, it would be worthwhile to share their self-realization and bliss with the people, pointing out the right direction by removing their ignorance to enable them to be happy. There were many saints in the state of Maharashtra devoted for this transformation and Sadguru Shree Satam Maharaj was one of them.

The actual name of Sadguru shree samartha Satam Maharaj is Shankar Narayan Satam. He was born in Chariwade Wadi, situated in a small village of Kohil in Malvan district in the state of Maharashtra, India. Unfortunately there is no information available about the exact date of birth of 'Maharaj'. However, according to reliable sources, he was born between the years 1872 and 1877.

The role of Sadguru in the life of disciple is, Sadguru enlightens his disciple, kindles in him the desire for communion with the Almighty and guides him to the 'Ultimate aim of a human being'.

The simplest mode of enlightenment and liberation through self-realization is chanting of the name of the Sadguru, who is the manifestation of God himself. Fortunate are those who relish the fruit of the ' Namasmaran - chanting of the name' of the incarnates of the almighty. Sadguru Shree Samartha Satam Maharaj is an incarnation of Lord Dattatraya.

Sadguru Shree Samarth Satam Maharaj is one of the incarnates of God, gifted to mankind for the alleviation of their pain and miseries, who guided many a disciple towards the ultimate goal of life.

Sadguru Shree Samartha Satam Maharaj left his mortal coil on 28th March 1937. Samadhi Mandir (temple) of 'Maharaj' is situated at Danoli, near Goa, India.

Although, I follow the linage of Swami Kuvalayananda-ji and my beloved father Dr.M.L.Gharote, I owe the positive transformation in my life to Sadguru Shree Satam Maharaj who, in all his mercifulness, chooses to bless me.