Dattatreyayogasastram, as the name suggests, comes from the teachings of Lord Dattatreya, one of the most prominent Of the Divine Masters.
This text suggest a Clear-cut pathway of practice to achive the highest goal of human endevour within a specified timeframe. Thus it is free from distractions by not suggesting too many options on each and every segment and stages of practices.
Physical stability achieved through practice Of Padmasana is effective enough to alleviate the internal disorders which may pose as potential causes of all sorts of human ills.
Techniques of physical relaxation (Saiketa) are for the absorption (laya) Of mind. Of Sahita Kumbhaka is to be done in a progressive manner So that One Can smoothly switch on to Kevala Kumbhaka.
Dharanas practised on five Mahabhutas can lead one to the state of Dhyana and subsequently to Samadhi.

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