An Introduction to Yuktabhavadeva of Bhavadeva Mishra

Title : An Introduction to Yuktabhavadeva of Bhavadeva Mishra ( English Summary and Critical Appraisal)

Author: Gharote M. L. and V. K. Jha (Ed.)

Details: This is a 400 years old treatise on Yoga by Bhavadeva Mishra, which contains exhaustive compilation of Yogic principles and practices. This text, though devoid of original Sanskrit text gives all important information of the test in English language. It is a synthesis of various trends in different Yogic traditions.

Others: A publication of The Lonavla Yoga Institute (India), 2002, xiv, 124 p + 27 Figures., Abbr., Summary of the text., critical appraisal, Gloss., Botanical Terms, Deities and holy places, word index.

ISBN : 81-901176-8-8

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