Present Director

Dr. Manmath Manohar Gharote was born and brought up in the Kaivalyadhama in an atmosphere and conditions devoted to Yoga. As he gained understanding he developed tremendous respect and attraction for Swami Kuvalayanandaji’s towering personality and appreciation for his contributions in the field of Yoga as well as for Physical Education. This inspired him to specialize himself in Physical Education and Yoga.

Manmath Manohar Gharote born on 21st September 1966, is M.Ed. (Phy), Ph.D. (Phy), D.Litt., N.D., D.Y.Ed., Dip. in Yoga Therapy, Dip. in Sports Medicine, Dip. in Physiotherapy, Dip. in Sports Journalism. He received various honours and awards including one from Fellow of the United Writers Association of India (FUWAI). He has contributed several articles and Research Papers related to Yoga and Physical Education in reputed journals. He has also written a book, “Swami Kuvalayananda’s Contribution to Yoga and Physical Education”. This was the first attempt to highlight and evaluate the contributions of Swami Kuvalayananda.

He is fully devoted to the field of Yoga and committed to fulfill the mission of The Lonavla Yoga Institute (India) and to continue further the task which was left as a legacy to him by his beloved father Dr. M.L.Gharote

"He is blessed by great realised soul & incarnation of Lord Dattatraya, Sadguru shree Samarth Satam Maharaj, of Danoli, near Goa, India."...Read More