Ms. Silvia Martins Meireles

Instituto de Yoga Lonavla
Rua Frederico Abranches, 389 – cj. 102
CEP: 01232-000 - Santa Cecília
São Paulo - SP - Brazil

Phone number: (+55 11) 3361-7305
WhatsApp: (+55 11)  96598-6688
Facebook: @yogalonavlasaopaulo

Silvia Martins Meireles runs the Instituto de Yoga Lonavla in São Paulo, Brazil, since 1994. The institute was founded by her yoga teacher, Ms. Ignez Novaes Romeu in 1980s. Ms. Romeu was the first woman to graduate as yoga teacher at Kaivalyadhama in 1966, when she met Dr. Manohar Laxman Gharote. 

Ms. Romeu invited Dr. Manohar L. Gharote to come to her yoga institute in São Paulo to spread the knowledge and his experience in the authentic yoga to brazilian yoga practitioners. His first visit in São Paulo was in 1972.

Ms. Silvia Meireles, at that time a practitioner of yoga and student at Physical Education School of University of São Paulo, attended all the lectures of Dr. Manohar L. Gharote in São Paulo. She first met him in 1993.

As Ms. Romeu passed away in 1994, Ms. Meireles assumed the Instituto de Yoga Lonavla (São Paulo) as director. In 1998, she got her Diploma in Yoga Education, in Kaivalyadhama, Índia. Some years later she met Dr. Manmath Gharote, diretor of The Lonavla Yoga Institute, Lonavla, Índia with whom she mantains contact since then.  

In 2005 Ms. Meireles got her master degree in Physical Education at São Paulo University with a study to evaluate the effects of yoga practice (asanas) in heart rate and heart rate variability using spectral analysis (Effects of yoga practice in heart rate, heart rate variability and respiratory rate). Since that same year she teaches yoga at the Commerce Social Service, in São Paulo (Sesc).

From 2011 to 2018, Silvia worked for the Consulate General of India in São Paulo as the yoga teacher at Swami Vivekananda Cultural Center in São Paulo. Since 2017, Ms. Meireles started a social project for giving yoga practices as a volunteer at the Female Prison in São Paulo.

Also as a volunteer she regularly spreads knowledge and practice of yoga through several open classes at public events (such as International Yoga Day), clubs and charitable associations.

With the aim to spread the authentic yoga, in 2019 she invited Dr. Manmath Gharote to give three days of lectures to her yoga students in Sao Paulo. From that positive experience, arouse the idea to start in 2020 a specialization course in yoga in São Paulo, with the support of Dr. Manmath Gharote 

Silvia meireles