Founder Director
Prof. Dr. Alicia Souto (Late)

Present Director : Luz Dephilippi
Centro de Eutony y Yoga Terapia, Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Founder Director of this Centre Prof. Dr. Alicia Souto is the Organiser of all the activities conducted by The Lonavla Yoga Institute (India) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Apart from the organisation of regular classes in Yoga, it administers special programmes of Yoga Instructor Courses, Diploma in Yoga Therapy
Course, special seminars devoted to the varied selected topics of Yoga, annual Eutonia Seminar for Yoga teachers, and physiotherapists and publication of traditional texts in Yoga in Spanish language.

Conducting Training and Diploma’s under the Guidance of The Lonavla Yoga Institute (India). Formacion en Yogaterapia , ( 2 years duration ) Since 1996. Formacion de Instructores del Yoga de Lonavla .( Two Years Duration ) Since 1999.

Tecnicatura en yoga y Estudios Orientales, Since 2002, ( 3 years duration ) at the province of Misiones, Argentina . They will be receiving the Diploma from The Institute “Arias De Saavedra” recognized by the Government of Argentina and from The Lonavla Yoga Institute (India).

Dr. Alicia Souto left her body on 7th March 2015.

Address :-
Centro de Eutonia y Yogaterapia
Institute Direction Laprida 1621 1B - 1425
Buenos Aires,  Argentina