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The Ātmabodha Traditional Yoga School began its activity in Argentina in 2018 with Dr Manmath Gharote’s first visit after many years. Both founders, Leda Pilello and Natalia Solvey, are former students of our beloved teacher Dr M. L. Gharote and their activity in the field of Yoga dates back to 1990. Both hold a Bachelor's degree in Eastern Studies as well as a degree in Yoga and Hinduism and lecture at prestigious universities.

Ātmabodha’s teaching activities take place in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, and in Buenos Aires. The school is comprised of a group of lecturers who follow and seek to teach the traditional sources of yoga.

Currently, a one-year training Course in Traditional Yoga is held in Ushuaia and has been declared of municipal interest by two districts of the province of Tierra del Fuego. In May 2019, the First International Symposium on Classical Yoga was held in Ushuaia. Here, the Lonavla Yoga Institute Director, PhD Manmath M. Gharote, has lectured on traditional yoga texts and their sources, consequently receiving an award by the Tierra del Fuego province Governor. The Symposium has also been declared of Municipal interest.

In Buenos Aires, Ātmabodha’s Traditional Yoga School holds seminars and courses on traditional yoga and yoga therapy. Its approach is oriented not only to communicating the knowledge and benefits of yoga to the general population, but also to improving the training of the teaching yoga community. A Yoga Therapy Training Course is planned for 2020, as well as ongoing workshops, seminars, and the yearly Course on Traditional Yoga.

Ātmabodha is fully invested in working side by side with the Lonavla Yoga Institute to promote the studies and translation of traditional yoga texts. Everyone interested in cooperating with this noble endeavour can get a one-year membership affiliation to the Lonavla Yoga Institute. This affiliation secures funding to sustain the joint research program with a focus on preserving and sharing the wisdom of ancient yogic texts.

Ātmabodha´s goal shares the same nature as Lonavla Yoga Institute — the teaching and practical training in traditional yoga as well as proficient instruction for both yoga practitioners and teachers. And, ultimately, construction of an ever-growing research program to unveil and share traditional yoga sources and their therapeutic applications with all beings.

Natalia Solvey
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Leda Pilello
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